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About Us


New needs and problems caused by rapid changes in the aging society have become the focus of attention of worldwide governments and civil societies.

It is the responsibility of the entire community—that is, the elderly, their families, the private sectors, and the government—to create an affordable society where the elderly can have a life with dignity and autonomy. This is a serious challenge.   more..

Mission Statement

In an effort to strengthen the combination of clinical, educational and research programs, the Institute of Gerontology at NCKU brings together scholars of geriatrics and gerontology as well as other related science and work as a multidisciplinary team for promoting successful aging in education, research and service.  more...


Purpose of Establishment

Gerontology is an integrated and multidisciplinary field consisting of studying the individual experience of normal aging processes in the physical, psychological and social dimensions and the processes of the development of aging societies. Our departmental curriculum focuses on integrated teaching and research. It aims to provide graduate students the necessary knowledge, policy-making concepts and innovative services models in the field of gerontology.  more...

Statement of Purpose

One of the main salient characteristics of the twentieth century world history is the rapid expansion of human population. It had taken humans millions of years for world’s population to reach its first billion in 1850, but it took only another 120 years to reach its second billion in 1935. World population reached the third billion in 1960 and the fourth billion in 1975. By the end of the twentieth century in 1999, the world population had climbed up to six billions. Thus, it is clear that the fastest growth of human population occurred during the twentieth century. Although the speed of growth has begun to show a slow down in recent years, the world population still climb to 6,752,807,231 by October, 2007.  more..

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